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Hey there blogverse,

I had a very memorable start to my Saturday when my bestie’s 11(!) Whatsapp messages woke me up 😂 It was all very justifiable though as last night we decided to get matching tattoos! 11 Whatsapp messages and 09:00 minute long voice notes are only barely able to contain our excitement! It was a good thing too because I’d already hit snooze on my alarm once. Normally over the weekends I wouldn’t set an alarm, but this morning I had an appointment to have my eyes tested, which meant that I had to actually get out of my pjs, take a shower and look semi-presentable before noon, which rarely ever happens on a Saturday to be honest.

I’ve only ever had my eyes tested when going to do my license etc. because everything has always been fine, but lately I’ve been struggling with intense migraine and when I’m working for longer than a hour the text, whether it is on a screen or on paper, becomes blurry. So I decided it would just be better to have the test done rather than have my eyesight potentially deteriorate even more. I went to the Spec-Savers in Menlyn where all of the staff members were lovely and before I knew it the required documentation was in order and my eye test was finished. As I suspected I need glasses for a number of different reasons that I can neither understand nor remember 😂🙈

I had gone with a particular style of frame in mind, but changed my mind when I tried on the pair in the picture below. Basically I just wanted to have an excuse to wear some nerd glasses, but I couldn’t get myself to buy those with the plastic lenses. Now that I had legitimate reason to wear glasses I wanted to get a some proper geek glasses with a thick rectangular frame, but I ended up choosing this really chic and feminine white and black style by Carolina Herrera instead. From the moment I tried it on, I loved it. It’s going to be a few weeks before I get my glasses, but I’m super excited. I know that most people aren’t excited to get glasses, but I only have to wear them while I’m working or reading etc. and I am really looking forward to not constantly having to battle with migraine 🙃

Image via Spec-Savers 

Afterwards my mom and I went by Starbucks and I got myself their Caramel Popcorn Frappuccino and it was seriously one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. Do yourself a favour the next time you’re near a Starbucks and get one. It’s one of the few beverages that actually looks exactly like the photo on the poster when you get it in real life. I also got one of their croissants with the ham and cheese filling and it was magnificent! I’ve never tasted any food from Starbucks so I was very pleasantly surprised!

After that we went to Jimnettes, Mr Price and Clicks, where I picked up a few bits and pieces. 
Right now I’m going to have some of the super yummy spaghetti bolognaise my Dad made and have a chilled night working on the blog and catching up on some Game of Thrones and YouTube.



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