Louis & Deirdré’s Wedding

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“Sometimes in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.”

This weekend the wedding of two of my dear friends (that I told you about in this post) gave me the opportunity to celebrate their love alongside them. You will never really know the power of love until you see it radiating from your friend as she sits at at the sweetheart table, fingers intertwined with those of her soulmate, the smile on her face but a mere star in the celebratory galaxy of her heart. The anxieties I brought with me from the city got lost in the vast spaces of the groom’s family farm. We were like the tribe in Avatar, dancing and laughing almost with primitive joy, basking and glowing in the light of those around us, our city lungs getting drunk on the fresh air under a visible starry sky.

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This navy jumpsuit turned out to be the perfect contrast to the venue’s rustic setting. Forever New will forever (pun intended) be my go to shop whenever I get invited to a wedding. Their structured yet feminine silhouettes give you exactly the kind of sleek and chic look you want when attending these type of events. As wearing a jumpsuit to a wedding is a first for me, I wanted to pair the tailored, masculine inspired piece with as much feminine detail as possible in order to create the ultimate juxtaposition. These feminine touches included, soft romantic curls, a jewel toned statement necklace and bow details on the front of my peep-toe heels.

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Seen on me:

Extensions | Bellami Bellisima 22″ Clip In Extensions in Ash Blonde


Jumpsuit | Forever New

Shoes | GEOX

Bag | Topshop

Ring | Crafter’s Market

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Before I bid you farewell, I just have to show off my Besticle’s (Bestie with testies) rad style! Besides the fact that he took all the photos in this post for me (and about a hundred more) he is one of the most genuine and polite friends I’ve ever had. This is a bit off topic, but I’ve decided to start redirecting the amount of effort I put into praising pop culture deities to telling you about all the positive things I see in my friends and family everyday. The things that make them who they are, their qualities that inspire me and the little things they do that bring joy and positive energy to those around them.

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I had the best time celebrating the love of someone whom I love so dearly. And so the next morning when I woke to the most amazing view at the lodge we were staying at, I realised that even though the city is my true love, the countryside will always be my lover.  My visits to it may be brief while lacking commitment, but they always brim over with passion.







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