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I remember my last day of high school like it was yesterday. Unsurprisingly, not a lot of people signed my shirt, but I was sure that those who did would stay in my life forever. Television shows and movies are infamous for creating unrealistic expectations and the friendships portrayed in them are no different. Three months after graduating from high school and already my closest friendships had fallen apart. Throw in a two month excursion to India and I was officially the queen of isolation. (Yes, like Elsa in Frozen. If you don’t understand this reference just let it go.) No one ever warned me about how turbulent being in your twenties really is. However, I discovered that it’s the absolute best time for cementing new friendships. 

During the four years after high school my friendships have waned in quantity but they’ve multiplied in quality. I now have three very close girl friends, namely, Zaan (21) my only remaining high school friend and an apprentice ballet teacher who has been dancing around on a cloud of newlywed bliss since March 2015. Secondly we have Deirdré (31) a school teacher, mother to a four-year old cutie pie, the fabulous photographer behind all the photos currently on my blog, as well as a bride to be. Lastly but certainly not the least is Evette (25). In these photos she’s rocking the pregnancy glow like it’s her full-time job. She has since given birth to a precious, little angel named Leah and has her eye on finishing her law degree this year. Now you might think that I am simply introducing and slightly gushing over my friends, but what I’m trying to show is the intense diversity between us. There’s no denying that we are an unconventional group of friends, all of us are different ages, and at different stages in our lives, yet somehow we manage to make the dynamic work. This is why I regard  it as an honor and adventure to be experiencing so many different facets of life with those closest to me. The illusion of being friends from kindergarten, through high school and University into adulthood is an absolute myth and boring as hell if you ask me. So many times I haven’t fully appreciated the friendships I’ve had because they were tarnished by the image in my head of how it’s “meant” to be. Yet, I soon came to realise that because my friendships are so diverse individuality knows no bounds. We get to tap into the different stages of each other’s lives and glean from it wisdom that we otherwise would have never come to know.

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The rest of the world was black and white, but we were in screaming colour.

– Out of the Woods, Taylor Swift



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What I would like you  reading this post, to take away from it, is that friendships are not always conventional. To quote the modern philosopher Katy Perry, “It’s not like the movies”, but when you finally make the right friends whose positive energy matches yours, then you’ll realise it’s way better than any movie. After all, the phrase “Your vibe attracts your tribe” contains a much deeper meaning than the rhyming couplet leads you to believe.





Photos by Deirdré de Bruyn from CupiCamera

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