Drinks & Decor | My 22nd Bohemian Birthday Party Series


Atmosphere darling!

It’s the material with which dreams and desires are sewn together.

Atmosphere darling!

It’s an artform that seduces and enchants the senses. It’s the sensory flick of  a wand to cast the spell of an experience, to have each guest hearing, seeing, smelling and feeling exactly what you had concocted in your crystal Pinterest ball.

Atmosphere darling!

That’s what I wanted for my party and this is how I created it.

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Upon my guests’ arrival candles were shedding scents of gardenia, lavender and jasmine as a flower sheds its petals. My venue of choice, our patio, felt like a giant rose, occupied by me and my friends prancing around like fairies enveloped by scents of wonder and excitement. Perfectly tantalizing, turquoise cocktails were served next, after which the guests began to take in the rest of the decor. I had wanted to create a relaxed vibe with a bohemian tribal theme inspired by Native American aesthetic and culture.

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With carefully curated playlists gently pricking our ears until they resembled those of elves, the atmosphere slowly started to bloom into what I had imagined. Our patio was selected as the venue as it overlooks the garden, which helped emulate the Twilight-esque landscape I was going for. The type of landscape where werewolves could be lurking in the bushes and a mermaid, wearing Chanel and a red soled tail could flop out of the swimming pool to join us for some cocktails.

Drinks and Decor collage

Personal favorite, Zoella (Zoë Sugg), was the inspiration behind the idea of using bunting as decoration, while snaps of Sheridyn Fisher’s home decor motivated me to get the two lanterns that had been on my wishlist since forever. 

Z (19)

The goddess I get to call my mother has yet to find something she can’t do. In the meanwhile fruit sticks topped with roses has been added to her ever growing list of perfected skills.

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To round up my sensory showcase are my trousseau items. A trousseau, for those of you who don’t know, can be seen as the sort of modern embodiment of a dowry. It consists of different items and heirlooms set aside by a young lady and her family for when she gets married. All of the plates as well as the rest of its collection alongside all the glassware was bought especially for the party and is now under lock and key with my other trousseau items.

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Therefore until I take a bite of a poison apple, lose a glass slipper or fall into a hundred year sleep (although that might happen tonight) I’ll continue to transform our patio into all types of flowers, where fairy lights surround us like stars and the laughter falls from our lips like petals from a rosebud.





Photos by Deirdré de Bruyn from CupiCamera 

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