Mother’s Day Photoshoot Make-up Details

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As I have a bit of free time before my exams start, I thought I’d do a rundown of the make-up look I did for the Mother’s Day photoshoot my mom and I did with (one of my best friends) Deirdré from CupiCamera. Deirdré being the beautiful generous soul that she is, gave me a ton of photos that I’m still busy editing, so I thought I’d upload this post in the meanwhile.  

In short, I’ve never really been that good at doing make-up. I mean, I didn’t look like a Crayola ad, but I wasn’t exactly looking like a Maybelline ad either. Maybe I just wasn’t born with it. When I was in high school, I used to cake on foundation, that was actually supposed to be used as stage make-up, in two or three shades darker than my natural skintone in an attempt to hide unevenness, pigmentation and blackheads. You name it I covered it. I guess you could say I was the opposite of a medical aid. Before dropping me off at school, my mom would always have me bring the sponge that I used to put the foundation on, so that she could just blend the foundation down my neck properly.  

So when Deirdré saw me on the day of the shoot and complimented me on my make-up and asked me if I could do hers for a photoshoot she is planning to do with her son, I was extremely flattered. I felt like binge-watching make-up tutorials on Youtube for four years had finally paid off.

Products mentioned and used: 

POREfessional by Benefit 

Double Wear Foundation in ‘Bone’ and ‘Fresco’ by Esteé Lauder 

Cosmetic Sponges (Beauty Blender Dupe) from Dis-Chem

Scandaleyes Shadow Stick/ Crayon in ‘Bad Girl Bronze’ by Rimmel 

Real Techniques Starter Set

So Couture Superliner by L’OREAL 

The Falsies Mascara by Maybelline 

Colortrend Eyeliner in ‘Black Cat Eyes’ by Avon

In the Light Eyeshadow Palette by Stila

Tame and Frame Tinted Brow Pomade in ‘Blonde’ by NYX

Highlight and Contour Pro-Palette by NYX 

Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush in ‘Santa Rose’ by Rimmel

Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in ‘Baby Doll’  by NYX 

Lip Butter in ‘Coconut’ from the Body Shop 

Hoola Bronzer by Benefit

Absolute Translucent Loose Powder by Yardley 

My first step was to put on Benefit’s POREfessional, which is a product that I was very excited to try out as Youtubers have been going on about it since I started really getting into Youtube, which was during my gap year in 2013. I usually only put it on for photos as it is quite expensive (R160 for 7.5 ml).

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 12.05.00

Maybe I just have big pores, but it doesn’t really give the appearance of minimised pores on me. However, it’s great for evening out all the different areas of skin and creating a texture that enables smoother application of foundation. Therefore, I’d definitely recommend it. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.24.05 PMScreen Shot 2017-06-02 at 10.20.08

The foundation I applied is the Esteé Lauder Double Wear foundation, which I’ve been using for about three years now and I absolutely love it! It’s a full coverage foundation which is great for me because I struggle with redness, pigmentation, blackheads and spots, which is why I want a foundation that is able to even all of that out. I first applied the shade ‘Bone‘, which is the shade that I wear everyday, on my whole face using a “beauty blender”. I haven’t tried the original Beauty Blender yet, as it wasn’t always available in South Africa, which is when I found a sort of dupe of it at Dis-Chem. My foundation has never looked more flawless since I’ve started using this cosmetic sponge. I then used another shade of the same foundation called ‘fresco‘, which is a few shades darker than ‘bone‘. I then used ‘fresco‘ to contour around my hairline, down my temples and my cheekbones because goodness knows they do a better job at hiding than Osama bin Laden.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.24.05 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.24.05 PM

Another Dis-Chem purchase is a teardrop shaped sponge that I use to ‘bake’ the powder underneath my eyes. Because these cosmetic sponges are so affordable I have one for each shade of foundation and one that I only use for powder so that they last longer and don’t become all cakey and gross. Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.24.05 PM

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 18.09.02

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.24.05 PM

Next I did my eye make-up. I have actually mentioned this product before in this post. It’s the Rimmel’s Scandaleyes shadow stick/ crayon in ‘Bad Girl Bronze that I just smear over my entire lid. I then take my Real Techniques blending brush and blend, focusing the most product on the ‘outer v’ of my eye. I repeat this process a couple of times until I am happy with the pigmentation and colour on my lid. I also apply this on my entire waterline.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.24.05 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.24.05 PM

I was SO happy this past December when I found a Real Techniques brush set in Menlyn’s Clicks! (I’ve seen online that you can buy it at Foschini as well.) Real Techniques is a beauty brand that was created by two of the original Youtube beauty gurus, Sam and Nic Chapman. So when I got their starter kit as one of my Christmas presents, it really improved my eye make-up game.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 10.39.04Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.24.05 PM

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 11.51.23

Afterwards I took the So Couture Super Liner from L’OREAL, which I bought on recommendation from Tanya Burr, who is one of my original favourite beauty gurus to binge-watch. Usually I would use this pen just following the natural curve of my eye to draw something of a guideline for when I go in later with darker or more pigmented eyeliner. However, my problem with this liner is that it doesn’t really work that well when applied over eyeshadow, especially when it’s heavily pigmented, which kind of defeats the point of putting eyeliner on in the first place. Needless to say I won’t be repurchasing it, so if you have any recommendations for an alternative felt-tip liner, please be a doll and leave me a comment below ♡

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.24.05 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.24.05 PM

Next I get to do one of my favourite things when it comes to make-up, which is putting on mascara. If I could sing I would probably cover the Sound of Music classic These Are a Few of My Favourite Things just to include mascara. For this look I used another product I’ve shown love for on the blog before in this post– it’s Maybelline’s the Falsies mascara ladies and gents. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 18.14.45Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.24.05 PM

The next product I use is the AVON Colortrend eyeliner in ‘black cat eyes’, which isn’t my favourite (I prefer kohl liners), but it gets the job done for the time being. I’ll either apply it directly to my lid or I’ll smudge some of it on my Real Techniques eyeliner brush. What I do next is try to connect the upper and lower outer corner of my eye with the black liner. I then take my holy grail inner corner high-light, which is an eyeshadow with fabulous pigmentation called ‘kitten‘ from Stila’s In the Light Palette, and pop it on the inner corner of my eyes. Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.24.05 PM

Next I’ll do my eyebrows, which has generally always been difficult for me to do because threading is still a relatively new trend in South Africa, especially in Pretoria. I also don’t feel like doing something like microblading, it’s just a bit permanent for me, which I know is ironic coming from someone with tattoos, but maybe one day I’ll give it a try. But for now I have found something that works for me. Because none of the salons I went to could help me get the shape that I wanted, I started to try and learn how I could do it myself. So I watched a video by another beauty guru on YouTube called Kandee Johnson where she basically shows you which tools to use and how to use them to get the perfect eyebrow shape for your face. My eye then caught an eyebrow template kit while standing in a queue in Woolworths a few years ago, which I’ve been using with NYX’s Tame and Frame Tinted Brow Pomade in ‘Blonde’ as well as my Real Techniques eyebrow brush. I really like the consistency of this product, which is more mousse-like as opposed to the powder products I’ve used before. However, my favourite thing about this product has got to be the ashy undertone, which works really well with my pale skin and hair colour. I’m still working on getting both eyebrows to look the same, but hey, no one’s perfect.

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 18.26.20Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.24.05 PM

Another really exciting thing that happened during Menlyn’s big revamp, is that they opened a NYX World inside of Clicks, which I totally freaked out about because prior to this NYX had this tiny display booth with only a few of their products. They never stocked the entire collection of the brand’s products that I’d see Youtubers abroad using in their make-up tutorials, but now we have the whole range and honestly walking into the store for the first time just felt like the mothership had landed to take me home. Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.24.05 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.24.05 PM

Another NYX product that I absolutely LOVE is their Highlight and Contour Pro Palette. I have very oily skin, so when I saw a lot of Youtubers using the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit, I knew I just had to have it. Unfortunately it isn’t available in South Africa, but as Zoella pointed out the NYX palette is definitely a good dupe. I was definitely jumping for joy when I found it in store in the NYX World section and I’ve enjoyed having the illusion of prominent cheekbones ever since. 


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Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.24.05 PMFor this look I then went in with my Hoola bronzer by Benefit, lightly dusting over the same places I had put the darker shade of foundation. Afterwards I’ll go over that with, my favourite shade in the NYX Contour Palette called ‘Sculpt’ and boy is that baby appropriately named!

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 11.16.55Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.24.05 PM

What I’ll do then is pop some blush on the apples of my cheeks. I like really light coloured blush as I am almost as afraid of looking like a clown than I am of actual clowns. The blush I used for this look is the Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush in ‘Santa Rose’.


Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 18.12.57Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.24.05 PM

Lip CollageFrom the Contour Pro-Palette, I used some of the highlighter shades like ‘Ice Queen‘ and ‘Soft Light’ to define my cupid’s bow, which I’ve been loving doing lately.  I tried overlining my lips a few times when the trend had just hit and Kylie Jenner was still denying that she had had any work done, but I didn’t like the way it looked on me. It didn’t suit the shape of my lips and since then I’ve just been appreciating and working with the natural shape of my lips, which has been really fun. I love defining my cupid’s bow instead of lining over it to give the appearance of a fuller upper lip. For my lips I used my absolute favourite lipstick at the moment- that I wear everyday, which is the NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in ‘Baby Doll‘. As the lipstick dries matte (yay!) it does tend to dry your lips, but this could be because I generally just have very dry lips, but it doesn’t dry your lips to the extent that you feel like you’re on Roacutane. If you’ve ever been on Roacutane you’ll understand what I mean by that and if you’ve never been on Roactutane, make sure to keep it that way. I absolutely love the Body Shop (in general), but especially their lip butters, which is what I’ll use a tiny amount of it on to finish off my lips. I love combining these two products because it give the lips a very natural looking finish.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.24.05 PM

I finished my look off with Yardley’s Absolute Translucent Loose Powder. Because Aphrodite knows if I don’t my face may just be so oily that the USA plans an invasion. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 18.07.15

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.24.05 PM

So there you go kids, an unnecessarily long post of all the things I put on my face. The celebrities always say that ‘It takes a village’, but in my case it just took a shitload of make-up and ‘the pretty’ Snapchat filter. I actually really enjoyed breaking down my make-up look  like this because on a day-to-day basis I basically just wear some foundation, powder, lip butter and some mascara if I’m feeling fancy, so I’ll probably start doing posts like this more often.Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.24.05 PM

To see how I used these products for other make-up looks, click here

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Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.24.05 PMKeep a look out for the Mother’s Day Photoshoot post, which I’ll link here as soon as its live on the blog!




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