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Marble, Mr Price Home and Minimalism…

Namaste Blogverse,

I have been a busy bee this weekend working away at tidying, moving and changing my room to reflect the my new colour scheme and aesthetic, which is black, white, grey and millennial pink. I know, how original, but I like it. In the effort of transforming a space into an exercise/meditation corner, I’ve been scrolling through Mr Price Home’s website and got lost in a labyrinthian path similar to that which Alice surely must have tread upon in Wonderland, leading me to fall down a rabbit hole of things that I don’t need but absolutely WANT!

But fear not friends, this post may stem from a place of consumerism, but I’ve recently decided to (try) and adopt the practice of minimalism, which is why I’m posting a Lust List of the things I want instead of going out and buying them. The first step is admitting you have a problem and the second is blogging about it, right? My personality will always be extra, but as a consumer I feel more minimal already!

1. Marbelous Shopping List

Price: R15,99

Ok so, forgive me Father for I have sinned. I may already own one of these shopping lists…but I bought it before I compiled this list so technically it doesn’t count! Also, I believe it is the Arts and Craft Movement pioneer William Morris who said,

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

I believe this shopping list to be very useful. I keep it in the top drawer op my desk so that whenever I think of something that I need to buy, especially essentials that inevitably run out like toiletries, beauty products and stationery, I quickly jot it down whenever I’m reminded so I don’t have to make a list when going shopping. Also, I think it is quite obvious from the title and content of this blog post that I find it beautiful,  so there you go!


2. Pack of 4 Two Tone Ceramic Coasters

Price R69,99

After an impromptu girls night one evening, where I attempted to play bartender at my quite small coffee table, my current coasters which are made out of wood, didn’t survive being baptised by Comets Sours . It was sad parting with these coasters, as caring about liquid rings formed on wooden furniture due to condensation seemed like such an important step into adulthood, but alas, I will rebuild repurchase.

3. Marbelous Travel Mug

Price: R49,99

I mean this one I kind of need. The only two (ha) travelling mugs I have are from Van Schaik (which never fails to spill on me) and another with the Sharks rugby team’s logo on it. Now, I am still a Sharks supporter for all intents and purposes. However, walking around with a rugby team’s logo on my mug just might encourage people to think that I regularly watch rugby, which is a slippery slope to having to have a conversation about why I support the Sharks, which in all honesty was just because I had a crush on Francois Steyn when I was in primary school, I love vacationing in KZN and my life mainly functions according to an aesthetic of black and white. And truthfully, I just don’t think the rugby loving citizens of Pretoria can handle an answer like that.

4. Marble Look Ring Dish 

Price: R49,99

Another one of the things on my list, that a human being can quite easily survive without, but would love to have, well this human being at least, is this gorgeous trinket holder. I just think that this little dish would make a fabulous addition to a vanity or bedside table, where you can put your rings and earrings you’ve worn that day before getting ready for bed.


5. Pack of 4 Marble Pens 

Price: R49,99

My family always joke and say that as long as I have a pen and a book, I’m happy. From an early age, even before I could read or write, I would make cave painting-like scrawlings in one of my many notebooks. I just loved writing things down. Now that I’m officially an aspiring writer that loves typing things, I guess I’ve come full circle…to the point of still wanting pretty pens and notebooks as a twenty three year old woman!


6. Marble Wax Candle 

Price: R129,99

If you know me well, the addition of a candle in my Lust List shouldn’t come as a big surprise. I think binge watching a lot of ‘Favourites’ videos on Youtube is partly to blame, but I just adore scented candles. Think of me as That Weird Candle Girl from Scream Queens. Unfortunately this particular candle isn’t scented, which makes it a bit easier to say no to.


I don’t know if this post has helped me on my journey to living a minimal life or if I’ve just realised that my life’s purpose is to be a presenter on one of those Verimark shows? If you’d like to see more of my marble faves you can follow my Mad About Marble pinterest board here.


What is your favourite from my Lust List? Are you going mad for marble?




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