How To Make the Perfect Turquoise Cocktail

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Cocktail. The word itself suggests some sort of sinful pleasure in the presence of elegance. The drink hails from New Orleans yet its name originated from the French term “coquetier”. Originally served as a mixed brandy drink, the cocktail has truly shapeshifted throughout the years and is now made with every type of liquor under the sun as well as the colours of the rainbow above it.

But ladies and gents, do not let the story of the cocktail’s humble beginning distract from its importance in today’s society. We now have cocktail hours, cocktail dresses and cocktail rings to name but a few. It is thus of my personal opinion that making the beverage, that carries such adjectival weight and makes you so light on your feet, should be a skill, that those of us who love entertaining possess.

These are the cocktails that I welcomed my guests with at my 22nd birthday party. If you’d like to read more about it, click here.  My Dad happens to be a masterchef of food as well as drink, so when I told him that I wanted turquoise cocktails for my party, this is the recipe that he created.


❀ 7 Limes

❀ 15 ml/ 3 teaspoons of sugar

❀ Mint leaves

❀ 400 ml Crushed ice

❀ 800 ml Soda water or Sprite

❀ Powerade Blue Mountain Blast

❀ 24 Blueberries

❀ 4 Cocktail umbrellas


➳ Slice six limes and squeeze juice into small pot

➳ Add 15 ml sugar to the lime juice in pot

➳ Add eight finely chopped mint leaves to pot

➳ Bring to boil and leave to cool / refrigerate

➳ Put 100 ml crushed ice into each glass

➳ Add 100 ml Soda water or Sprite

➳ Divide lime juice into four and add to Soda water/ Sprite

➳ Drip a few drops of Powerade Blue Mountain Blast to get the turquoise colour


➳ A small branch of mint leaves

➳ Skewer 4 blueberries onto cocktail umbrella

➳ Slice limes and hang on glass edge

Serve in hurricane glasses. I used these from Mr Price Home.

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I hope you enjoy these cocktails as much as my friends and I did!

If you do decide to make these please take a picture and tag me on any of my social media platforms listed below.



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Photos by Deirdré de Bruyn from CupiCamera

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