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Welcome to my third installment of my Currently Listening To blog post series!

First up we have Barcelona by Ed Sheeran. I have downloaded his new album, but I haven’t got around to listening to all of it yet, but Ed Sheeran is one of the few artists that I think just don’t have any bad songs. Personally, I’ve never listened to one of his songs that I didn’t like, that’s why I just went ahead and downloaded the whole album. A particular favourite from Divide has been Barcelona. You’ll see as you’re reading this post that a lot of the places I get my music from are YouTube videos, Instagram videos, using Shazam when I’m watching series or a movie and other blog posts. One of my favourite bloggers, Kenza Zouiten, got married and for her bachelorette party her bridesmaids ‘kidnapped’ her and took her to Barcelona. Apparently as they were boarding the plane, they put a blindfold and earphones on her so she didn’t know where they were going. The song that they played while all of this was going on was Barcelona. I love this song because it makes me feel like I’m on some type of paradisal beach just dancing and having a good time, with Ed just chilling in a hammock while strumming away on his guitar and singing this song. Like I’ve said I haven’t listened to the whole album yet, but I love the sort of tropical undertone that he has going on in Barcelona and Shape of You (that was one of my December + January favourites in this post ). As we are currently transitioning from spring to summer in the Southern hemisphere, these songs have definitely got me excited for summer!


Next I’d like to share not only a song, but an entire album. I get really excited when I find an entire album that I like because I think an album should be like a fashion collection. There should be this golden thread running through it that connects all of the pieces, or in the case of music, songs. I first heard this song on one of Gal Gadot’s videos on Instagram where she’d shared some behind the scenes footage with the track Blood In the Cut playing. As soon as I heard it was utterly obsessed with this song. It’s exactly the type of music that I love listening to. A few months ago someone had asked what type of music I’m into and I told him that I was a self-confessed genre slut. Up until about two months ago I wasn’t able to single a specific genre out as my favourite, but during the last month or so I’ve decided that if I had to pick one genre as a favourite it would definitely be Alternative. After listening to Blood In the Cut for the millionth time, I decided to venture into the rest of the album as I’ve never heard of this artist before, but I loved her sound and wanted to see what else she was capable of. So after listening to the entire album I came to the very simple conclusion that it is bloody brilliant. I definitely think that she’s an artist to watch, especially if you are a fan of Alternative music. The album shows that she has quite a versatile repertoire. I’ve put my favourite songs from the album in the playlist, but definitely check out the whole album because it’s great.


Someone shared this So You Think You Can Dance group routine to Derniere Danse on Facebook and watching it just brought back so many emotions during high school when I had French as a subject and dreamt of becoming a professional dancer. I adore absolutely everything about this routine, from the choreography, the costumes and the lighting to the props. Brian Friedman, you are a creative genius sir. I worship at your feet! I actually have an entire playlist of only French music on my iPod or rather iPhone, that I could share in a blog post, if you’d like? Just out of curiousity, who still listens to their music on an iPod? If you do, please leave me a comment. I’d love to hear if it’s still a thing or if everything is basically on our phones now.


In case you didn’t know, Zoella is my absolute favourite YouTuber and I love watching her and her boyfriend Alfie’s videos. Feel It Still was a song that I heard on either one of Alfie aka Pointless Blogs vlogs or in one of Zoë’s Instagram stories, I can’t remember which and thinking about it, it was probably both. I also heard it playing in the background in Vogue’s 73 Questions with Zac Efron and I’ve been seeing it on a lot of charts- so if you haven’t heard this song you must be living under a rock or you have a healthy social life and don’t spend as much time online as I do.



Firestarter was another song that I found on Apple Music while browsing through the playlists and charts. Like I’ve said we’re transitioning into summer and this is exactly the type of song that I can imagine becoming apart of my soundtrack of summer.




All of the songs mentioned in this blog post are naturally favourites of mine, but Camila Cabello’s new single Havana is definitely one of the favourites of my favourites. I’m head over heels in love with this song. I love how effortlessly sensual this song feels and that she has interpreted a different kind of music that stems from her heritage into a mainstream pop song. It makes me really happy when artists introduce listeners to a different kind of culture through their music and it’s something that I think is seriously lacking in mainstream pop music today.


Alright, so now it is unpopular opinion time. I’ve always been a Taylor Swift fan. I have to say that her lyrical ingenuity was definitely at its highest point during her country music days. However, I preferred her transition to pop, with her album 1989; in fact it may just be one of my favourite albums. Now, I know a lot of people don’t like her latest single Look What You Made Me Do, which tends to make my opinion of liking it a bit unpopular, even though the song itself has had amazing commercial success. I must confess that when listening to the song purely from a lyrical point of view, it is not her best work as we’ve come to know and love her as an incredibly talented singer/ song writer. I think though, in the case of this particular song, that kind of takes a backseat to new musical experimentation with different beats and so forth . Now, if you’ve skipped ahead to the playlist section of the blog, you’ll see I have included another one of Taylor Swift’s new songs. Are you Ready For It? 😉 I must admit that I do like it more than Look What You Made Me Do. It’s a bit weird and ironic to hear Taylor rap, but I kind of like it. I just really love this song, especially the strong beats used in the beginning which is echoed after the chorus. And speaking of the chorus, I can definitely hear some of the (what should I call her?) ‘Old Taylor’ coming through as it somehow reminds me of Wildest Dreams from her 1989 album.



Another track I really like is a new song by Kelly Clarkson called Love So Soft. It’s a  really sassy sort of pop song that reminds me of her 2006 single Walk Away. It was one of my favourite songs when I was in the sixth grade and I remember singing along to it on one of my Now That’s What I Call Music CDs. Hit me up in the comments if you also used to absolutely LOVE the NOW CDs!



An amazing Alternative artist that I discovered last year is Skott. When I was still watching the Vampire Diaries (I’ve stopped at season 7 because I don’t want it to end, even though it technically already has) I went on to this website and I downloaded all of the music that they use in the show because let’s be honest, the soundtrack kills just as much as the characters on the show. So Skott was one of the artists that I had the pleasure of discovering when I downloaded the whole soundtrack. I really liked her sound, it’s definitely very unique, so I liked it so much that I put a ring on it. Just kidding, I did however, download more of her music of which Mermaid is the latest single.


New Rules is another song that I Shazamed off of an Instagram account. I can’t remember whose it was. One again, this song ties in perfectly with Barcelona, Firestarter and Havana. It’s a very tropical, upbeat, summery type of song that I can imagine myself listening to while lounging around on a lilo in the pool- it’s basically perfect for this time of year. Oh and by the way if you don’t like the sound, just read the lyrics because she makes some damn good points while listing those rules and she put it to a catchy tune so it’s easy to memorise. One could even suggest that this song can be seen as an anti-fuckboy anthem.


One of the bands whose music I’ve really been enjoying for the past two years is The Black Keys. They’re another band that I got really into as a result of downloading all of the music used in The Vampire Diaries. I went through their songs in my Apple Music library and saw that some albums only had a few of the songs downloaded, so I listened to the ones I didn’t, which Run Right Back happened to be one of and I soon as I heard it I just couldn’t stop listening to it. Once again, if you’re a fan of Alternative music, you probably already know them, but if you don’t; they have so many amazing songs that I definitely recommend you check them out!


Then I have an oldie, but a goodie from Lynyrd Skynyrd. For those of you who don’t know, Lynyrd Skynyrd is a band that was huge about twenty years before I was born. One of my all-time favourite songs is Free Bird by this band and for a long time it was their only song I knew. But during one episode of Supernatural (another TV show with great music) this song was playing. So naturally I did what I do best, I Shazamed it and I was so pleasantly surprised to find another Lynyrd Skynyrd song. Their music makes me nostalgic for a past that I wasn’t even part of because you can just hear the amount of ‘manual labour’ that was put into creating their music back then. They have these Metallica-length type songs with elaborate, technically skilled guitar solos that give me goosebumps when listening to them. When listening to their music I feel like it was driven by their passion and not a label executive who insists on auto-tune and meaningless lyrics so that he could profit from its success on the charts. It feels real and authentic. Two adjectives that have become scarce in every day life, but especially in the entertainment industry. Personally I think that a good song should be like an orgasm that builds to a climax and that’s exactly what their music does.


I’ve only included a few songs off of Lana Del Rey’s latest album Lust For Life even though I’m really liking the album as a whole. Obviously my favourite has to be Lust For Life because The Weeknd is one of my favourite artists at the moment so I was really excited to see that they’d collaborated. I might include a few more in my Currently Listening To #4 blog post, which hopefully won’t be as long as this one! I’ve never really been one for word limits, my teachers and lecturers can attest to that. Anyways, I’ve really been into Lana Del Rey’s music the last couple of months. I used to have one or two of her hits in my music library, but I love listening to her music so much that I decided to download all of her albums. I’m still working my way through them, but I’m really enjoying it!


A few weeks ago I had to do an assignment for my Popular Fiction class about a romance novel, preferably one by Nicholas Sparks because let’s just be honest, he’s got the formula fiction recipe down. I only own one Nicholas Sparks novel that I bought in an airport in India in 2013, which is The Last Song. So seeing as I read the book such a long time ago, I reread it and watched the movie based on it again too. When I’d watched the movie previously I hadn’t paid much attention to the soundtrack, in fact, I don’t even think I had the Shazam app back then. But watching it again, the song Tyrant really caught my attention during the opening credits.


Lastly, one of my ultimate favourite bands, which is Thirty Seconds To Mars, has finally released some new music after four years! I went to see them live during their last tour in 2014 after which I briefly met Jared and Tomo, which I elaborate on in an upcoming blog post. Remember to subscribe if you don’t want to miss it. Needless to say it was one of those songs that I downloaded without listening to it because it was their first single in four years! I think I would’ve loved a song where Jared attempts Mongolian throat singing to be honest. However, Walk On Water was definitely worth the wait and I can’t wait for their new album to drop!


Currently Listening To #3




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