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It’s been a minute since I’ve last posted on here, but between University starting again and getting my first real part-time job (I know!? Eeeep!) I haven’t had the time to sit and work on a post that I felt worthy of being shared on my blog. However, I have been building up quite a list of new songs for you to listen to!

At the moment I’m living for both The Weeknd as well as the weekend, I haven’t been able to stop listening to Crystalised by The xx, which is probably my favourite track on the list and Katy Perry has once again found a way to connect with me on a personal level through her music. The first time being when I watched Katy Perry: Part of Me and the second time trying my best to catch as many of the awesome things she was doing during her 96 hour live feed from the Witness World Wide Headquarters. My favourite being this therapy session that she did with Dr. Siri Singh. As someone who goes to therapy myself, I can appreciate how brave she is for sharing this live session for the world to see. I highly recommend that you watch it!


Since hearing Believer play during Riverdale‘s season 1 finale, I’ve been listening to it non-stop and I’ve found other tracks from the album Evolve that I love too. Another favourite that you might have seen on the blog before is the band Kaleo. Now, I’m really very proud of discovering this band before they become a household name and have their commercialised singles being overplayed by Jacaranda. Being able to find artists and spot their talent before my friends and family do is one of the few things that makes me as giddy and excited as when I’m seeing designer handbags. It feels like discovering a hidden treasure that I get to then share with everyone else; James Bay being one of these artists. I’ve also been binge-watching Supernatural this year and saw on Instagram that the show’s protagonist pair, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles were pictured at Kaleo shows, hanging backstage with the band and even going bowling together. Since they started urging their fans to listen to the band’s music their following has grown significantly. I would just like to say that I found them all on my own and listened to their music before J² introduced them to the Supernatural family. I would also like to point out that finding this epic band and restraining myself from physically assaulting other students during group assignments are by far my best accomplishments of the last 18 months.

Other favourites in this post include some oldies, but goodies from 90s breakthrough bands Lifehouse and The Cranberries, another sensual track from Selena Gomez, a feminist-inspired tune from girl band Little Mix as well as some of my favourite songs that were featured in Gossip Girl, which I watched for the second time during the exams. Say what you will, but in my humble opinion, it was and will always be the best television series ever.

So without any further ado, I hope you find some new music, artists or albums that you love listening to as much as I do. 

Currently Listening To #2




Favourite Videos:

Little Mix has been killing it with their music videos for their album Glory Days. Every new video features so much creativity in terms of wardrobe, hair and makeup as well as direction. I feel that the creatives behind the scenes don’t always get the recognition that they deserve for making music videos like these happen, that inspire me and so many others, which is why I would like to feature them on my blog and hopefully have the honour of working with them one day.

Makeup by Heidi North

Directed by Hannah Lux Davis

Produced by London Alley Entertainment  

Hair by Aaron Carlo

Styling by Zack Tate and Jamie Mcfarland



This video is my current mood. I love how raw, weird and artistic it is. Some of its elements remind me of Miley Cyrus’s iconic We Can’t Stop music video.

Directed by Petra Collins 


If you know me, you’d know what a huge Shawn Mendes fan I am.  Love his music, love staring at him, love this music video. That’s pretty much all there is to it. I featured this song alongside other favourites from his album Illuminate in my first Currently Listening To post, which you can see here.


Do you have any favourites from my playlist? What have you been listening to lately?




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