Current Beauty Favourites featuring Benefit, Maybelline, NYX & Rimmel


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Benefit’s HOOLA Bronzing Powder

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For years every beauty guru with a Youtube channel has been going on about this particular bronzer. Its popularity is global to a range of caucasian skin tones. It has gone on to become something of a “holy grail” product to some and was revealed on Snapchat by Kylie Jenner as one of the products used in her 15 step daily make-up routine. I first saw Hoola being used in a make-up tutorial in 2013 and have been waiting since for Benefit to launch in South Africa so that I can try it.

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The Damage:± R350-00

Where Can I Buy It: Edgars Flagship Stores. (I got mine from the Edgars in Menlyn).

Why I Love It:

♡ Even though the colour has the ability to warm up your face, it still has ashy undertones, which prevents the product from looking like mud on your face, if applied properly of course.

♡ The packaging. Now I have to admit that I’m definitely a marketing team’s dream client. Seriously, just slap some fabulous packaging onto any product and I’m 99% sold. However, apart from the appealing aesthetic, Hoola’s packaging is also sturdy, which you’ll definitely appreciate if you’ve ever experienced the trauma of having to use a broken powder product.

♡ You can use it to bronze or contour.

Maybelline’s the Falsies Mascara

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Another cult beauty favorite has got to be Maybelline’s the Falsies Mascara. In my personal opinion, Maybelline is the ruler of the mascara world. There’s just something about the mascara’s formula,consistency and the variety of different wand shapes and sizes that has it beating brands from NYX to Esteé Lauder and probably everyone in between. Before trying the Falsies I was using Maybelline’s Colossal Lash mascara, which I loved, but would probably recommend to someone who has very straight eyelashes that wants a product that will promote and lock in a curl. I only got the Falsies because the Colossal Lash was sold out. But now that I have, I am absolutely obsessed and will probably never use another mascara again.

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The Damage:± R112-00

Where Can I Buy It: Clicks, Dis-Chem, Edgars

Why I Love It:

♡ It does exactly what the name implies, which is fabulous because I absolutely love the way that false lashes look, I just detest having to wearing them.

♡ A little goes a long way. Of course this is determined by the amount of mascara that you personally like to apply to your lashes, but for me personally, I only insert the wand into the tube once for each eye.

♡ The wand has a slight curve to it, which makes applying mascara to different places on your lashes easier. The curve of the wand also lends different possibilities to the look you’re after. For example, my lashes curl naturally so I only use the outwardly bent side to enhance the curl and then I use the other side for pressing my lashes up to give it the false eyelash effect. Also, because the wand is quite thin I use it to apply mascara to the bottom lashes without too many casualties.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp


I love me some lipstick as much as the next girl, but the constant hassle of smudging and having to re-apply a lip colour throughout the day has made me somewhat of a lazy lip gloss lover. However, I’ve seen a lot of positive reviews about NYX’s lip products lately and as I’ve been dodging the liquid lipstick trend for a while now I thought I’d make the move out of my comfort zone a little less scary by trying a matte lip cream.

The Damage: ± R84-00

Where Can I Buy It: Clicks

Why I Love It :

It dries matte so it minimises potential smudging considerably.

♡ As a rule I am a fan and follower of the smokey eye + nude lip look. It’s what I wear daily and what I feel most comfortable in. However, I don’t know if it’s the consistency of the product or the fact that it dries matte or if it’s the particular shade but it made wearing a brightly coloured lip less scary and more fun!

♡ As NYX is categorised as a “drugstore” make-up brand, I am seriously impressed with the pigmentation and lasting power of this product. I slap two coats of this baby on in the morning, without any lip liner or re-application, and somehow it manages to make it through the day and is still able to leave its mark on my fork when eating dinner. 

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⚔ Warning ⚔

The actual colour of the product is quite different than that of the packaging. It was a lot darker than I had anticipated and has more of a pink, rather than orange, undertone. The best idea is to use the tester to do a swatch on your hand or arm to see how the colour reacts next to your skin tone.

In this photo I’m wearing “Antwerp” on my lips and the Rimmel smudge stick combo on my eyes.

Rimmel’s Eye Shadow Stick/Crayon in BAD GIRL BRONZE and BULLETPROOF BEIGE

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As is the case with most beauty products I purchase, this too was inspired by products I’d seen used by my favorite beauty gurus on Youtube. I love the idea of using smudgy eyeshadow sticks as an alternative to powder based eyeshadow. Which is why these two eyeshadow sticks have made their way into my daily make-up routine. I simply smudge the copper colour directly onto my lid and waterline- depending on how smokey I feel like making my eyes that day. I then take a blending brush and blend the product into my crease and below my waterline. Once again, the amount of product and where I decide to place it is dependant on the intensity of the look I’m creating. I then finish it off by applying some of the beige colour on the inner corner of my eye and below my brow bone.

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The Damage: Price on Request

Where Can I Buy It: Clicks, Dis-Chem, Edgars

Why I Love It:

♡ I literally use one product to do an entire smokey-eye look. It saves me time and money by not having to buy ten products when I can accomplish my desired look by only using one. It’s also handy if you’re travelling as only packing these two eye pencils will save a lot of space in your make-up bag.

♡ The product’s consistency makes it a dream to work with. Whether I am applying it straight to the lid, blending it into the crease or using it to line my waterline, this product is extremely easy and versatile in its application.

♡ The product works well with powder shades. Not only does the smudgy consistency intensify the pigmentation of whatever colour eyeshadow you put on top of it, but it also helps keep the eyeshadow in the particular place you’ve set it, minimising any fall out which is always a problem when doing a smokey eye.

In this photo I’m wearing the Rimmel smudge stick duo on my eyes paired with some powder shades from my Stila In the Light palette.


What are your current beauty favourites ?

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