Blue Neighbourhood – Troye Sivan | Album Review

To be honest, I really didn’t want to like this album. As much as I love Youtubers (and I mean LOVE) I’m always a bit unsure and cynical when they venture into mainstream projects, but this has to be my favorite album since Taylor Swift’s 1989.   Troye was probably the first Youtuber that I subscribed to in 2013 when I first started to get into it. Three years later and his debut album has me feeling all sorts of ways. I have to agree with the iTunes review that says, “Troye Sivan sings with a maturity beyond his 20 years.”


The album is comprised of acapella-like vocals infused with cool, contemporary, dubstep-esque beats and rounded off with amazing lyrical ingenuity. His music is new, fresh and modern without having to tap into slapstick vulgarity. Each song has its own effortlessly sensual vibe that adds to its overall appeal. The lyrics are honest, raw and clever. If talent were cocaine Troye Sivan is a powerful dose that has his audience’s hearts racing. Their high as immediate and tangible as pressing the play button.

You can listen to Blue Neighbourhood here.


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If you know me well you’re familiar with my intense love, obsession and sometimes worship of Adam Lambert. He is my favorite artist of all time and the gay husband of my dreams. Since the night that I saw Adam live in 2012 I’ve been waiting for someone to enchant my ears as he has. After listening to Blue Neighbourhood I think I finally have. Musically speaking, Adam Lambert will always be my gusband and soul mate, but I’ve definitely been having a hot and heavy love affair with Troye Sivan all throughout the month of March. Funnily enough it was my Dad (who is as straight as an arrow ) that taught me a deep appreciation for gay male artists since I can remember. His ultimate favorites being Freddy Mercury, Elton John and Nataniël. We both love listening to Adam Lambert and I’m pretty sure that Troye Sivan will be the latest to be introduced to our little hall of fame.

A new era of contemporary pop music is being ushered in with artists like Troye Sivan at the helm and to quote Tyler Oakley, “My body is ready!” If you’re looking for me I’ll be the girl wearing the “Make America Gay Again” cap, rolling around in a pile of care bears, listening to Blue Neighbourhood all day. Every day.







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