Beauty is in the eye(let) of the beholder.


In terms of trends this year I’m loving the throwback to 90s grunge and teenage angst coupled with a chic edge of course. I’ve picked up on tons of eyelet detailing during the many hours that I devote to online shopping and I just have to put my two cents in and make a trend prediction. For moods and vibes I’m feeling the 2013 Met Gala Theme, Punk: Chaos To Couture. Leather, plaid and chokers have my closet smelling like teen spirit and here’s how you can have yours housing Monsieur Cobain too… Continue Reading

Current Beauty Favourites featuring Benefit, Maybelline, NYX & Rimmel


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May + June Music Favorites

May and June Favorites Thumbnail

The months of May and June have given me the hots for hibernation, but these tunes have woken me from my silent, sweet, slumber and have me boogying with Yogi and Boo Boo in our designated hibernation hangout – the cave. June is always a very exciting time in music as many artists drop their latest albums or singles, hoping to make it the northern hemisphere’s soundtrack to summer. This time last year, my ultimate favorite Adam Lambert, blessed us with his third studio album The Original High. This year he dropped a new single featuring Laleh that has me desperate to see him live again. So without further ado, welcome to the show. Continue Reading

♪ April Music Favorites ♪

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This month I’ve been thinking a lot about change, as you can see in this post where I talk about the month of April. So a few days ago I made quite a big change music wise.I decided to delete all of the music from my iTunes library that I’ve been downloading since 2013, just because most of the songs were overplayed and I wanted a fresh start. However, not before I selected my favorites of this month for you guys, here you go! Continue Reading

♪ March Music Favorites ♪

March Music Favorites Collage

As characteristic of a millennial, music is an incredibly important facet of my life. From getting ready in the mornings to surviving early morning/ late afternoon traffic to making it through an intense workout and everything in between. I am constantly listening to music. As you can imagine this means that I’m always on the lookout for new music. I get a thrill whenever I discover a new song or artist that I love and I usually can’t wait to play it to my friends.I thought I would extend this excitement to my blog. Every month I will share my music favorites with you and ask you to leave me your favorites in the comment section!

So without further ado, here are my favorite tracks of the month ♪ Continue Reading

Blue Neighbourhood – Troye Sivan | Album Review


To be honest, I really didn’t want to like this album. As much as I love Youtubers (and I mean LOVE) I’m always a bit unsure and cynical when they venture into mainstream projects, but this has to be my favorite album since Taylor Swift’s 1989.   Troye was probably the first Youtuber that I subscribed to in 2013 when I first started to get into it. Three years later and his debut album has me feeling all sorts of ways. I have to agree with the iTunes review that says, “Troye Sivan sings with a maturity beyond his 20 years.” Continue Reading

#OOTD | Louis & Deirdré’s Wedding

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“Sometimes in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.”

This weekend the wedding of two of my dear friends (that I told you about in this post) gave me the opportunity to celebrate their love alongside them. You will never really know the power of love until you see it radiating from your friend as she sits at at the sweetheart table, fingers intertwined with those of her soulmate, the smile on her face but a mere star in the celebratory galaxy of her heart. The anxieties I brought with me from the city got lost in the vast spaces of the groom’s family farm. We were like the tribe in Avatar, dancing and laughing almost with primitive joy, basking and glowing in the light of those around us, our city lungs getting drunk on the fresh air under a visible starry sky. Continue Reading

How To Make the Perfect Turquoise Cocktail

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Z (2)

Cocktail. The word itself suggests some sort of sinful pleasure in the presence of elegance. The drink hails from New Orleans yet its name originated from the French term “coquetier”. Originally served as a mixed brandy drink, the cocktail has truly shapeshifted throughout the years and is now made with every type of liquor under the sun as well as the colours of the rainbow above it. Continue Reading

My 22nd Bohemian Birthday Party

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It felt like the perfect night to dress up like bohemian babes

To have full body massages

It felt like the perfect night to have champagne at midnight

To fall in love with strangers

And all through the party you could hear me singing

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22!

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Drinks & Decor | My 22nd Bohemian Birthday Party Series

Drinks and Decor collage 3


Atmosphere darling!

It’s the material with which dreams and desires are sewn together.

Atmosphere darling!

It’s an artform that seduces and enchants the senses. It’s the sensory flick of  a wand to cast the spell of an experience, to have each guest hearing, seeing, smelling and feeling exactly what you had concocted in your crystal Pinterest ball.

Atmosphere darling!

That’s what I wanted for my party and this is how I created it.

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5 Things That Happen When Your Best Friend Has A Baby



You’ve just heard the news that your best friend is pregnant and it’s the best news ever, but some part of you fears that the friendship as you know it may be over. Nine months later the glorious day, that an angel graces the world with her presence, finally arrives and your joy and excitement is only overshadowed by your aforementioned fear. And thus the first out of five things happen… Continue Reading

#OOTD | Charleen & Jean’s Babyshower

Originally I had wanted to write a post the day after the baby shower, but unfortunately I was hospitalized with kidney stones. However, I did want to do a post about it as it was the most stunning baby shower I’ve had the pleasure of attending.So without any further ado, this is what I wore to my first cousin’s baby shower. Continue Reading

My 22nd Bohemian Birthday Party | Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Vibe and Tribe Collage



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I remember my last day of high school like it was yesterday. Unsurprisingly, not a lot of people signed my shirt, but I was sure that those who did would stay in my life forever. Television shows and movies are infamous for creating unrealistic expectations and the friendships portrayed in them are no different. Three months after graduating from high school and already my closest friendships had fallen apart. Throw in a two month excursion to India and I was officially the queen of isolation. (Yes, like Elsa in Frozen. If you don’t understand this reference just let it go.) No one ever warned me about how turbulent being in your twenties really is. However, I discovered that it’s the absolute best time for cementing new friendships.  Continue Reading

My 22nd Bohemian Birthday Party | Massages & Moët

Drinks and Decor Collage 1

Z (73)Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.24.05 PM

Whenever I host a party I always try and set up some sort of itinerary that includes some fun activities and games just to help along the overall ebb and flow of the day. To kick things off I welcomed my friends with some cocktails and a game of Never Have I Ever. It’s a great ice breaker when having friends over, especially when they may not know each other as well as you do. This game is definitely the more fabulous and fun version of singing around a campfire.  There’s an app that you can download for the game’s questions or you can just google it and write down your favorites on pieces of paper and then put together in a bowl like I did.Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.24.05 PM Continue Reading